Katsukura 餐厅 京都车站大厦店

  • 地址: 東塩小路町901
  • 电话: +81-75-365-8666
  • 最近车站: 奈良線 - 京都
  • 城市: 京都府 京都市
  • 网址: http://www.fukunaga-tf.com/...
  • 门票价格:


This destination is located in Kyoto City’s Sanjo shopping district. The eatery can be found on the 11th floor of The Cube, a mall built above Kyoto Station Building. As the name implies, this restaurant specializes in traditional Japanese tonkatsu, or a pork cutlet deep-fried in bread crumbs. The meal begins after the katsu is ordered, which also includes chicken and seafood options, like prawns and crab croquettes. According to traditional Japanese culture, a bowl of aromatic sesame seeds is then brought to the table. Customers grind the seeds themselves while waiting for the chef to prepare the meal. This sesame meal is then mixed with an assortment of sauces to complement the katsu. Traditional Kyoto cuisine sets are available, as are all-you-can-eat rice, Miso soup, and cabbage.



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