Glass Village (Garasu no Sato)

  • 地址: 安佐北区大林2-12-55
  • 电话: +81-82-818-0414
  • 最近车站: JR可部線 - 可部
  • 城市: 广岛县 広島市
  • 网址:
  • 门票价格:


The museum hosts a wealth of ancient glasses dating back to the 15th century, and offers a glimpse into the long history of glass making. Many of the 15th century objects on display were used daily from the Edo to the early Showa era.

The Modern World Glass Art Museum showcases pieces from artists from around the world and also hosts the Glass Castle, World Beads Museum and a variety of restaurants. You can watch various glass-making processes at the Glass Workshop, including glass blowing and stained glass construction.



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