Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Center

  • 地址: 大山町1-19
  • 电话: +81-3-5790-0760
  • 最近车站: 東京メトロ千代田線 - 代々木上原
  • 城市: 东京都 渋谷区
  • 网址:
  • 门票价格:


This Ottoman-style mosque, also known as Tokyo Mosque, is the country’s biggest place of Islamic worship and offers space for around 1,200 worshipers. The Turkish-derived word “Camii” refers to a major, “congregational” mosque where people gather for Friday prayers. Architecturally, it is similar to the famous Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Most of its building materials and furnishings were imported from Turkey. It took a hundred Turkish artisans about a year to finish the two-story mosque and adjacent cultural center.



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