Cinemasunshine Ikebukuro

  • 地址: 東池袋1-14-3
  • 电话: +81-3-3982-6388
  • 最近车站: 西武池袋線 - 池袋
  • 城市: 东京都 豊島区
  • 网址: http://www.cinemasunshine.c...
  • 门票价格:


This movie theater or cinema located in the entertainment and shopping district of Ikebukuro shows both Japanese and international films, in dubbed and subtitled versions. Anime movies are also popular. Discount tickets are available on ladies’ and mens’ days, for “super late” sessions and for children and seniors. The kiosk serves usual cinema fare such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, popcorn, icecream and beer. The telephone hotline is open 24 hours.



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