Shimonoseki Aquarium Kaikyokan

  • 地址: あるかぽーと6-1
  • 电话: +81 8-3228-1100
  • 最近车站: JR山陽本線(岩国~門司) - 下関
  • 城市: 山口县 下関市
  • 网址:
  • 门票价格:


Kaikyokan might be a small aquarium, but it is a good place for penguin lovers because there are tonnes of them!
Kaikyokan also introduces the waters of Shimonoseki which is surrounded by the Sea of Japan, the Kanmon Strait and the Setonaikai Sea.
Kaikyokan is just next to Toraichiba - a fish market where locals and tourists enjoy themselves. There are also stalls that sell sushi and kaisen-don.
Kaikyokan is open everyday, from 09:30 to 17:30.
Admission for adults is 2,000 JPY and 900 JPY for elementary school and middle school children.



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