Kanmon Tunnel (Shimonoseki Pedestrian Entrance)

  • 地址: みもすそ川町/北九州市門司区
  • 电话:
  • 最近车站: 平成筑豊鉄道門司港レトロ観光線 - 関門海峡めかり
  • 城市: 福冈县 北九州市
  • 网址: http://www.pa.qsr.mlit.go.j...
  • 门票价格:


The Kanmon Tunnel links Shimonoseki and Moji; the althernative is the Kanmon Bridge.
But to WALK from Shinomoseki and Moji or vice versa, you can only do it in Kanmon Tunnel.
It is free for pedestrians and only cost a little for those who drive.
The entrances of the tunnel in Shimonoseki and Moji are quite a while of walk away from town center, but buses available for those who would like to walk from Yamaguchi-ken to Kita-Kyushu.



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