Wakkanai Park

  • 地址: 中央
  • 电话: +81 162-22-2229
  • 最近车站: JR宗谷本線 - 稚内
  • 城市: 北海道 稚内市
  • 网址: http://www.city.wakkanai.ho...
  • 门票价格:


Wakkanai Park is located on a hill, right next to the center of the city of Wakkanai, the northern most city of Hokkaido.
Inside Wakkanai Park, other than camp sites, restaurants and entertainment facilities, there are also many monuments that tells visitors about the stories in the north; naming the monument built in remembrance of the 9 maiden who perished in line of duty 5 days after WWII ended.
Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of this land in the north.



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