Ryugenji Mabu (Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine UNESCO)

  • 地址: 大森町1597-3
  • 电话: +81-854-89-0183
  • 最近车站: JR山陰本線(米子~益田) - 馬路
  • 城市: 岛根县 大田市
  • 网址: http://www.kankou-shimane.c...
  • 门票价格:


“Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine and its culture landscape” was designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007. There are about 600 mine tunnels that were used for excavated for mining silver, called “Mabu” in Japanese. Ryugenji Mabu is one of the only two mine tunnels open to public.



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